Things about Alissa
Things about Alissa and Jenna
Things about Jenna
i have 2
we both like riding horses
Jenna's fav season
is summer
i dont like hockey
we both have a D.S.

i like red,pink black and
lime green
both classrooms has a SMART board

my fav season is
we both like purple

Alissa's Narrative

Once upon a time there lived three monkeys, Sly,Delilagh,and Carmin. Delilagh had a BIG crush on Carmin,but Carmin didn't
love her at all. In fact she only liked him for his looks. The truth is Sly really had a crush on Delilagh. One day Carmin got an idea!. I should marry Delilagh for all her bananas! So he could be rich. He decided to take her on a trip, He took her to banana fall's the next day.
He took her there in a
bananah bandana plain. He sat her on a huge bananah and said WILL YOU MARRIE ME She said nothing and 2 seconds later she fainted , Carmin screemed: HELP HELP my love has fainted. and 6 min later an ambulance came.
Carmin and Delilagh came face to face Delilagh said yes i will marrie you. Carmin couldn 't wait to be rich! the next day Sly heard Carmin muttering in his room,bananas,bananas! my plan worked, soon I will have all the bananas in the world!