things about brandi
things about Brandi and Jordan
things about Jordan
I like swimming.
We both have Dogs and cats.
I like hockey.
I like figure skating.
We both like the colour red .
I like baseball.
I hate hockey.
One of our friends names start with the letter A
Adam and Amanda and alisssa.

I like soccer.
I love volley ball.
we both like puppys.
He likes the blue jays.
i like swimming do you

Not really.
youn didn't anwer my question :p

On June the 18th ,Mat Sundin was walking down the street in Vancouver when he noticed there was a sale at the pet store.Mat went in.
He always wanted a rabbit since he was a little boy in Sweden.He looked at the Rabbits as they were being fed.He liked this white rabbit
named Peter.It was born in England and it even spoke in English,but he had an accent.But then Peter escaped making his big getaway.He
ran out of the store and all down Main street,past the aquarium,General Moters Centre,and up the mountains into the rockies.The rabbit was running so fast it couldn't stop and she ran off a cliff but luckily she fell in water. when she got out she shaked off the water. And ran back to the shop and mat sudin said shes back can i buy her. Sure said the store owner. And Mat Sundin brang her back to his house and he got out some rabbit toys that he had bought when he was a little kid and he also had a cage for it already. Then they lived happily ever after.