Things about Carter
Things about Carter and Tyler
Things about Tyler
I like to laugh alot.
We both like sports
He likes Drag Racing
I like different types of cards like Pokemon.
We both like cars.

I am addicted to electronics.

do you like video games? fill in your own.

Carter's Narrative


Once upon a time there where two kids named Tyler and Carter they where penpals .Tyler was in mrs. robinsons class and
Carter was in mrs. swifts class they have been penpals since January .They made lots of letters to each other . Tyler wanted
to see what Carter looks like and Carter wanted to see what Tyler looks like too .School was almost over and it was
almost summer Tyler was sooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo excited for summer Carter was to .There are only 14 days of
school left. Finilly school is done. Tyler and carter met at the park. They decided to go play but when they got board Carter said " I want to move to Egypt ."I want to move to England" said tyler. They argued for half of the summer ,finaly they said lets just travel. Then they did.