Things about Jakeb
Things about Jakeb and Evan
Things about Evan
I have 7 people in my famly.
I live on a farm.

We both play Hockey.
i have 4 popley
inmy fimley and i playbaseball and i ilke star wars`

Dear Jakeb,

Sorry it took me so long to write to you. I was in Florida! iwant to unrulgflstiodsw and inlinds of atryouer and i want in a pool a lot.
My favourite movie is Star Wars. Who do yo uwant to win the Stanley Cuo? I want Pittsburgh Penguins to win!



Jakeb's Narrative

0nec a pana time ther was a gey that was stupid because he thought a hockey puck was a hamburg and he tared to eat it. This created the goale mask and the whole Rangers and Montreal thing. THese teams made it to the playoffs. Rob let in 100 goles and he fell down alot he went to the tim bits league and rob stlill sucked. he tirider to b a lawyer and that didn't work out. Se then he tried to be achef and that failed. Then he tried to be a cop and that was working until he got kidnapped!