Things about Madelyn
Things about Shayla & Madelyn
Things about Shayla
My favourite animal is
We both like animals.
My favourite animal is a
ShetLand Pony.
Our class has a SMART
Their class has a SMARTBoard.
Our class has a SMART
I like to Camp.
we like to camp
I like to go camping
I like to Ski and Snowboard

My other favourite sport is

Dear Shayla,
How are you this summer? Do you get to ride your pony or horse this summer?
Have a great summer.

Madelyn.jpg Planet: Girls Rule!

One day a girl named Jenna was at School and her Teacher Mrs.Young was giving out tests from the week before. When Jenna got her test back it was a C- then Jenna whisperd to her self " No No No this can't be possible." When she got home she ran to her room and fell on her bed then she started to day dream about a Planet that had no tests just nonstop fun.The Planet had a girl from World War Two and her name was Sgt. Bomb.There was a slimy creature named Slimo,a mermaid named Mermaid Girl, a fairy named Alisha, a Elf named Eveee, a girl that can turn into a loin named Leea,a girl the can turn into a Wolf named Wonda, a girl that can turn into a Shark named Sammy, Sammy the Shark lived in a boiling hot pool but Sammy the shark was
in dustructable so he can do anything. Sgt Bomb lived on a tent on planet Girls Rule! Slimo lived lived on a slime volcano that every hour it would explode.
Then Mermaid Girl lived in a Migestical Pond. Alisha the fairy lived in a magic medow. Then Wonda Wolf lived in a dark forest. Then Jenna dreamed herself on that planet then she had to help Wonda Wolf because Termites jacks were cutting down trees in her forest. and Wonda Wolf cared about the enviorment. So Wonda wolf & Jenna and all Wonda Wolfs freinds went to the head Termite jack and explained that cutting down trees is a waste of paper and a waste of air we need to keep trees and Wonda explained" that I need trees to live if there is no trees I will die " The head Termite loved wolfs so paid to re- plant the trees and apologized to Wonda Wolf.
The End