Things about Netanya
Things about Jenna and Netanya
Things about Jenna
I have a pony.
We both like Horses.
I have cat.

we are good at art.
I like summer.
I like summer to.
I love horses alot.

Netanya's Narrative


Once upon a time there lived three monkeys, Sly,Delilagh,and Carmin. Delilagh had a BIG crush on Carmin,but Carmin dident
love her at all. In fact she only liked him for his looks. The truth is Sly really had a crush on Delilagh. One day Carmin got an idea!. I should marry Delilagh for all her bannas! So he could be rich. He decided to take her on a trip to Mexico and they got on a plane. finally they got out of the plane they were surprise