Things about Nik
Things about Nik and Sam
Things about Sam
I like video games
They both like green.
I have a ds.
I like sports
We both like the band Green Day.
I play rep soccer.

We like skatebording.
I play rep hockey.

We like soccer.
My birthday is june 13

We like cars
I have a wii game called NHL2k9.

We like hockey
I like summer.


do you like defence in hocky
Nikolas' Narrative


One day there was 2 boys . One of them was named Sam and the other won was Nik. They where riding there bikes on the street they where doing grinds. Then Sam fell down and cut his leg really bad so he went in side and got a bandage.When Sam was better they went to the skatepark then they went on the ramps.Then on the way there they saw some candy but it was a trap . A rober came and took both of them and put them in A bag and Experiments on us to see if we have any powers that he wonts he wonts it to defeat the city and he wos going to rule the whole world with are powers and we were in a cage and faond the key to get are powers back and the rober powers and back to us and we defeat him and the wrold wos saved . So then they went home and Nik went to Sam,s house and ate dinner.T hey had ribs on the barbq. THE END.