Things about Peter
Things about Peter and Payton
Things about Payton
He likes cows
They both like to ride their bikes
I have a little brother.
He plays ball hockey
Their favourite colour is pink
I have lost 8 teeth.
He likes tractoring.
BOTH classes have a SMART BOARD!
I LOVE animals.
I sail
They both breathe

I have little sister
We both have a younger sibling.

I go to cubs.
We both sleep.

I like animals
we both like animals.

I make Pure MAPLE SYRUP!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
They both go to school

My class has a blog.
They have lost 8 teeth ea.

I LOVE to camp

I love myself.

He LOVES his bunny wabbits

He likes to run

I have lost 8 teeth.

Do you bike to school?
Peter's Narrative One day kids went sailling.They had 1 to 2 metre waves. The wind was very fast & stronge. They went to Bosolay Island.