suff about Shayla G
things about SHAYLA and about Shayla G
stuff about SHAYLA
I love to draw
We like to skip
I have a appoloosa named Jackson
I hate boys

do you like to skip
dear shayla
do you now how to change the colour I do c
Shayla's Narrative

Planet: Girls Rule!

Chapter1: A Regualer School Day

One day a girl named Jenna was at School and her Teacher Mrs.Young was giving out tests from the week before. When Jenna got her test back it was a C- then Jenna whisperd to her self " No No No this can't be possible." When she got home she ran to her room and fell on her bed then she started to day dream about a Planet that had no tests just nonstop fun.The Planet had a girl from World War Two and her name was Sgt. Bomb.There was a slimy creature named Slimo,a mermaid named Mermaid Girl, a fairy named Alisha, a Elf named Eveee, a girl that can turn into a loin named Leea,a girl the can turn into a Wolf named Wonda and girl that can turn into a Shark named Sammy. Sammy, Eveee,Leea and Wonda were going to a hugh ship but as jenna day dreamed she herd avoice she suddenly realised it was wanda so she listend hard and wanda said there appearance on earth would be final jenna sceamed and as soon as she new it her mama was in the room whats rong honey asked her mother nothing jenna reaplide for jenna new if she told shed be more scard well it is time for dinner told her that night jenna didnt sleep one bit


in the mornining jenna found her self sleeping on the bed in the under the the under ground basmant basmant jennas dad came over to her what happend daddy