Welcome to Our 3 Wiki! This is a collaboration between Mrs. Robinson's Grade 3 Class, located in an urban community north of Toronto, Ontario and Mrs. Swift's Grade 3 Class, located in a small rural community north of Barrie, Ontario.

With the help of our co-op student, Lindsay, the students recorded their Narratives using a headset microphosc8cl1a.gifne and a program called Audacity. The files were then converted to .MP3 format and inserted into each page. Please listen in and consider leaving a comment for the authors on our blog.

Next, the students created tables and added information about themselves, their pen pals and what the two of them have in common. Click on a name in the left column to read the work of the partners.

June 19 update: We are very excited about another project that we'll be doing with Mrs. Robinson's students. They have started to write stories on our pages, so our students will continue right where they left off!